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Road Transportation

Groupage loads (LTL), or full truckloads (FTL), departure weekly for the destination country. The transportation schedule is maintained with flexibility in order to enhance the use of various and differenciated transportation means via road, sea and air transportation. The fulfillment time of this service is designed to provide rapid and secure transportation, according to the customer needs. HHL with its continuous presence and exploitation during the last decade has managed to be established in the transportation sector providing logistic services throughout Europe.

Hubs Network

Every week company offers logistic services on all edges of Europe to fulfill the direct and continuous needs of company's customer base. In this way Holland Hellas reaches UK and Spain, Valtic countires and Scandinavia region. Netherlands acts as central node on European Market, in order for the company to co-ordinate the overall logistic activities.

Ship Spares

Basic advantage of HHL company is the 40 years continuous and long experience with ship transportation of ship spares & stores in the main European harbors. The deep knowledge of the peculiarities and the requirements of ship spares provide to HHL a reliable profile to satisfy the needs of the Greek shipping companies. The acquaintance and perfect collaboration with the greater ship agents of the key ports of Europe ensure coordinated deliveries in precise times.


The execution of customer orders is performed directly with small delivery trucks which are equipped by tail lift and with the most recent technology systems. Reliable partners all over Greece ensure rapid deliveries posing priority to the integrity and the direct disposal of the orders. The delivery service is performed with proffesionalism, up-to-date training, accuracy in timeplans and with final target the customer satisfaction.


Highly trained personnel checks the merchandises, processes and packs the products and updates the ERP system of HHL, with the view to achieve flawless and co-ordinated storage of the products. The assortment and the final placement provides to the customer secure, flexible and direct issue on his products. HHL follows the policy of flexible warehousing. According to this Holland Hellas Logistics can provide a reliable solution in case that customers need to store their goods for a large time period in our warehouse. During this time period the procuts are safeguarded according to all security regulations.


The customer needs of HHL for Door-to-Door (D2D) parcel delivery, led the company to create a special courier service. Since 2008 this courier service began and has evolved to a very reliable solution that provides just-in-time delivery. The courier service of HHL functions according to the regulations that are described from the organization ΕΕΤΤ (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission). According to this regulatory context, the company has fulfilled and now publishes the Consumer Obligation Map (only in Greek).